UPS Solutions

30 kVA Converter / UPS for Surface Vessel, Model: 4079

EUROATLAS UPS Solutions are mainly designed for naval applications and subsea applications. The products fullfill the stringent system requirements of MIL-STD-1399. Meeting the size and weight restrictions imposed by narrow shipboard passageways and hatches.

The converters feature modular construction and parallel operation of more units with accurate load sharing. EUROATLAS converters offer low life-cycle cost. Their demonstrated reliability is an order of magnitude higher than other converters and UPS solutions.
Due to our experience with the development, qualification and production of power conversion products for mission critical applications EUROATLAS is a trustable and reliable partner for navies, shipyards and the oil and gas industry and has a worldwide established customer base.

Converter / UPS, 80 kVA for 1.500m Subsea installation

The EUROATLAS subsea UPS is modular in design and can be customized for applications in deep sea oil and gas production in remote areas. When compared to topside solutions, a subsea UPS reduces both through life cost as well as environmental risks should mains power fail.

The UPS concept is based on our proven core technology which has been in service for several years on various type of surface vessels and submarines worldwide operated by more than 20 navies. Products overall lifetime, reliability and efficiency is an order of magnitude higher compared to competitor solutions.